A Portal Server that Doesn’t use XmlHttpRequest is Backward

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Title should say it all. Anyway, Charles Miller comments on what Joel Spolesky hasn’t recently discovered:

In one blow, Googlexe2x80x99s engineers massively raised the bar on what we should accept from a webapp. Herexe2x80x99s a highly regarded, mainstream application that is responsive, with a dynamic UI and even comprehensive keyboard navigation, but that still feels like a web application.

Now a Portal Server presents information from disparate sources. Requesting an update of any one of these sources should not refresh the entire portal dashboard. One would therefore think that Portal vendors would universally support this capability. Well then the question one then needs to ask is if any of these open source java portal servers support XmlHttpRequest? Even worse, considering that you are paying through your nose, which commercial vendor supports it?

First one who can name one gets a free google gmail account!

P.S. If you happen to be a Portal vendor and don’t have a gmail account yet, well then you shouldn’t be in this business.

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