The Perfect Job for a Blogger

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I don’t know if you’ve heard of that Google employee that got fired for blogging. Well it turns out that the incident has been a blessing in disguise, Mark Jen writes:

… in the end, i was looking for a very specific mix of attributes that would constitute the perfect job for me. the company had to have:

  • commitment and transparency to customers
  • a passion for revolutionizing the end-user experience
  • an open environment where people are free to be different and fosters creative expression
  • the ability to be nimble, ship solutions quickly, and adjust to market changes
  • extremely talented people and cohesive, productive teams
  • awesome mentorship opportunities

As fate would have it, I’m also on the way out of my current job. I’m joining yet another company. The pickings aren’t as abundant in sub-urban Maryland (unless you’re in biotech), but I’m taking a gamble that the new job would have similar attributes as his job at Plaxo.

I can’t mention the company because its traded at the NASDAQ and this news could adversely affect it! ;-)

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