It’s Official, Struts is History!

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It’s time to announce some interesting news that effects the Java development scene at its core. Struts as we know it is over! As announced in the Apache News Blog that there will be no further work to develop Struts 2.x. Here are snippets of that announcement:

The Apache Struts team is pleased to announce the adoption of its latest subproject, Struts Shale, a JSF-based framework. [snip]

Right now, there are no concrete plans for a 2.x release of Struts Classic. The people working on the 1.x series want to evolve the code base without breaking backward compatibility. If we do our job right, then a 2.x release may never be needed. [snip]

It’s an entirely new codebase. Struts Shale is an MVC framework for web applications, like Struts Classic, but it’s a fresh start. Struts Shale is the best choice for developers eager to leverage the latest technologies, like JavaServer Faces.

I’ve worked with Struts and have never been a big fan of it. I’m not too sure if they’ll be celebration on the streets like we see in the fall of just any despot (though we won’t see anyone hanging for this!). However, the writing on the wall is clear, we have a new leader and this leader of course wasn’t elected!

For those who have argued for Struts for so long, well then we now see the conclusion of that argument. For those working and maintaining Struts applications, well then, welcome to world of legacy programming!

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