Open Source Knowledge Management Solutions Written in Java

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List of Open Source Java projects dealing with Knowledge Management.

  • KAON Ontology and Semantic Web Infastructure – KAON is an open-source ontology management infrastructure targeted for business applications. It includes a comprehensive tool suite allowing easy ontology creation and management, as well as building ontology-based applications. An important focus of KAON is on integrating traditional technologies for ontology management and application with those used in business applications, such as relational databases.

  • Protege-2000

    Protxc3xa9gxc3xa9-2000 an open-source, Java tool that provides an extensible architecture for the creation of customized knowledge-based applications. Protxc3xa9gxc3xa9-2000 now provides beta level support for editing Semantic Web ontologies in OWL.
  • Exteca
    – Exteca is a collection of technologies which can form the foundation of knowledge models to support knowledge management system. Technology includes Ontology Management, Document Categorization, Data Analysis, Entity Extraction, Language Processing and Pattern Recognition.
  • OpenSHORE – SHORE stands for Semantic Hypertext Object Repository: The repository stores objects that appear in documents together with their relations in a semantic net. Hypertext navigation follows these relations in the semantic net. The SHORE server works as a HTTP Server, the client is a standard web browser. The repository uses PROLOG as its query language and the XSB system as its query engine.
  • Sesame – Sesame is a scalable, modular, architecture for storage, inferencing and querying of RDF and RDF Schema. Sesame supports three query languages (RQL, SeRQL and RDQL), full RDF MT inferencing and can use main memory or a relational database for storage.
  • Edutella – Provides the metadata services needed to enable interoperability between heterogeneous JXTA applications. Edutella is based on RDF, JXTA and the KAON framework.
  • Haystack – Haystack is a tool designed to let every individual manage all of their information in the way that makes the most sense to them. Based on RDF and SWT.
  • Tockit – Based on Conceptual Knowledge Processing with its technologies for storing and computing human concepts.
  • TopicDocs – TopicDocs enhances your ability to manage information on your computer by: Associating files with topics; Associating and browsing topics with one another visually; Associating keywords, attributes and dates with topics; Performing searches; Archiving your documents for backup; Allowing you to schedule topics (one-time or recurring); Creating bookmarks for web URL’s that launch in your favorite browser; Perform text searches in topic documents.
  • TM4J – TM4J Engine – a topic map processing engine written in Java providing a pure Java API, support for the Tolog query language, support for importing XTM and LTM syntaxes; support for exporting XTM syntax; persistence of topic map information in a wide variety of databases.
  • Kowari – Kowari is an Open Source, distributed, massively scalable, transaction-safe, purpose-built database for the storage and retrieval of metadata. Much like a relational database, one stores information in Kowari and retrieves it via a query language. Unlike a relational database, Kowari is optimized for the storage and retrieval of many short statements. (See Mulgara for the forked version)
  • Jena2 – Jena is a Java framework for writing Semantic Web applications. It features: RDF API, Persistence, Reasoning Subsystem, Ontology Subsystem and RDQ Query language.
  • eXist – eXist is an Open Source native XML database featuring efficient, index-based XQuery processing, automatic indexing, extensions for full-text search, XUpdate support and tight integration with existing XML development tools.
  • Xindice – Apache Xindice is a database designed from the ground up to store XML data or what is more commonly referred to as a native XML database. At the present time Xindice uses XPath for its query language and XML:DB XUpdate for its update language. We provide an implementation of the XML:DB API for Java development and it is possible to access Xindice from other languages using an available XML-RPC plugin.
  • dbXML – dbXML is a Native XML Database. It is capable of storing and indexing collections of XML documents in both native and mapped forms for highly efficient querying, transformation, and retrieval. In addition to these capabilities, the server may also be extended to provide business logic in the form of scripts, classes and triggers. Other features in this release include: Journaling transactions, XSLT transformations, Full text indexing and Full text querying, Pluggable security models and
    a JSP Tag Library.

Some of these systems have been reviewed in “Open Source RDF storage systems“.
“Knowledge Management” encompasses a huge area, I primarily focused this list on tools to support knowledge represenation and ontology management. Nevertheless if you got something of interest please let me know!

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