Is Google Maps the Killer App for J2ME?

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J2ME for mobile devices have been around for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, the majority of applications have been arcade games. However, things may begin to change with the release of a J2ME version of Google Maps (check out his tour ). I downloaded it on my Nokia 7710 (used the generic J2ME version) and it surely was surely a treat!

Google Maps revitalized Javascript on the browser, opening a new era of responsive AJAX based web applications. One can easily imagine the same happening in J2ME land. That is, a proliferation of mash ups that are J2ME based rather than Javascript based. The potential opportunity of having an always connected devices and user friendly location based search can be plain and simply massive.

The key to ease of use for Mobile devices boils down to ease of navigation. With the endless multitude of devices with different form factors cross-product with the endless ways of mashing up Google Maps, you are surely looking at a millions of markets of dozens.

So if there was ever a time to start mastering J2ME, then this absolutely has just got to be it! I made a couple of predictions at the beginning of the year that have mostly come to fruition.
However, if I were to make a 2006 list, then J2ME would be the Javascript-AJAX equivalent prediction.

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