How Many Java Web Frameworks Can You Name?

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I’ve got to admit, after creating a poll for the best Java framework for web development and a bunch of comments later, I came to realization that there are a ridiculous number of them out there. So, just for the fun of it, I’m wondering how many of these can you name? Here’s my shot at it:

  1. Echo
  2. Cocoon
  3. Millstone
  4. OXF
  5. Struts
  6. SOFIA
  7. Tapestry
  8. WebWork
  9. RIFE
  10. Spring MVC
  11. Canyamo
  12. Maverick
  13. JPublish
  14. JATO
  15. Folium
  16. Jucas
  17. Verge
  18. Niggle
  19. Bishop
  20. Barracuda
  21. Action Framework
  22. Shocks
  23. TeaServlet
  24. wingS
  25. Expresso
  26. Bento
  27. jStatemachine
  28. jZonic
  29. OpenEmcee
  30. Turbine
  31. Scope
  32. Warfare
  33. JWAA
  34. Jaffa
  35. Jacquard
  36. Macaw
  37. Smile
  38. MyFaces
  39. Chiba
  40. JBanana
  41. Jeenius
  42. JWarp
  43. Genie
  44. Melati
  45. Dovetail
  46. Cameleon
  47. JFormular
  48. Xoplon
  49. Japple
  50. Helma
  51. Dinamica
  52. WebOnSwing
  53. Nacho
  54. Cassandra

That’s about it and that’s just the open source frameworks, add to it proprietary products and you’ve got an even longer list!

Now I seriously doubt that I can come up with a list this long for open source web applications written in Java. This leaves me with an even bigger question that the community needs to ask itself. Why are there more open source frameworks in Java than applications? Well maybe this poll might provide an answer.

Serendipitously, is it just fitting that “Cassandra” is the last entry on the list?

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